Sunday, January 8, 2012

Old Socks

Here is what we do with our old white socks! Upcycling into snowmen (snowgirls). Kami and Rian's friend Emily came over for a visit during the Christmas holiday and we whipped together these crafty snowmen. Super easy - no sewing and not overly time consuming for those with shorter attention spans. Their insides are stuffed with a small ziploc bag of beans to give them a little weight and the rest is fiberfill.  We cut off the socks just around the heel, stuffed them and then used a rubber band to close the top. Hot glue was what we used to keep the little fabric hats on and a piece of white embroidery floss was tied around their neck to give them circular snowball shape. After the body was done the girls went to town decorating faces and putting little scrap fabric scarves around their necks. Here is a pic of the finished products.