Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Breakfast Inspirations

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Breakfast has become known as the most important meal of the day. How about a sample recipe from the classic cookbook by Thomas Murrey to inspire your morning meal! The full cookbook titled Breakfast Dainties has many great ideas. I made the recipe below to try with my kids and we LOVED it! Healthy and it tastes like a sweet treat.

Apples, Baked.—Peel and core six large sour apples; mix together a cup of sugar, half a teaspoonful of mixed ground spice, a saltspoonful of salt, two tablespoonfuls of grated cracker crumbs, and two tablespoonfuls of milk or water. Fill the core with the mixture; put the apples in a pan, and bake; serve them hot or cold with sweetened cream. A border of whipped cream around the apples may be substituted for the plain cream.
Apples may be served sliced, covered with sugar and a mild liquor poured over them, and topped off with whipped cream.

What do you enjoy for breakfast? I'd love to hear how you get your day off to a good start.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Anne with an "e"- Coming Soon

Anne of Green Gables
The Anne of Green Gables series is a classic treasure that has been enjoyed by many generation after generation. I first read this collection as a young girl and fell in love with the characters and story, sometimes pretending I was right there next to Anne! Lucy Maud Montgomery's writing style draws the reader in allowing them to feel, touch and even smell the many experiences the characters in her story are experiencing. For true fans of Montgomery and her writing there are many stories outside of the Anne series that are just as engaging and enjoyable to read. If you haven't read the other stories written by Montgomery you won't have to wait much longer! Coming soon is a wonderful ebook collection of the Anne books as well as many other stories written by L.M. Montgomery. Once published I will post here with the link to purchase this ultimate collection! Stay Tuned......
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Are You Ready to See Your Fixer Upper?

The Magnolia Story

When we hear this question there is no doubt who is asking! Of course this famous line belongs to the dynamic husband-and-wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Whether it is your first time watching or hundredth time you might find yourself asking different series of questions, like—Who are these people? Why do they only choose homes in the Waco area? What’s the secret to their success? And is Chip actually that funny in real life? Through the many episodes of the show Fixer Upper, fans have a front row seat into the delightful and engaging lives and work of the shows stars Chip and Joanna.
Fans are given a detailed look at their life together through their first book, The Magnolia Story. The story engages readers as Chip and Joanna take them through their first renovation project that nearly cost them everything, the story of how they met and many other twists and turns that led them to the life they share on their farm today.
The stories in their book allow readers to see the quirky, vulnerable, and real lives the Gaines live including their struggles and triumphs. Their voice is clear and consistent with what their fans see on the show allowing their down to earth family oriented style shine through. They have truly become America’s new best friends.

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