Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess who is finally 4!

After being three and three quarters for what seemed like an eternity, Kami has turned 4! Here are some pictures from her parties (one on her birthday and another a few days later). The little ballerina (outfit from Grandma) has enjoyed her ribbon wand, bubble blower and jump rope (Papa & Nana). However play clothes and close toed shoes are the only thing allowed when she rides her new Two Wheel Bike!

Here is party #1 (Evans, Koetsier & O'Brien families attended)

Party #2 (O'Brien family w/ aunts & uncle)

For those wondering, we now have our very own water park in the front yard thanks to C & C. The kid mister is great for those hot days when you need to cool off. Kami will also be enrolled in a youngsters ballet class this fall compliments of Aunt Mari. The light-up alarm clock and big girl jewelry (necklaces & rings) from Papa and Maima were also a BIG hit! Thanks to all!

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