Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Smoothies

Finding ways to get my little girl (Rian) to eat healthy fruits and veggies has been a struggle. So far the only two veggies she will eat is corn and tomatoes (aren't tomatoes actually a fruit...I'm considering them a vegetable so there are two on her list of "will eat"). The closest she will come to eating beans is picking the little bean "seed" out of the actual bean and eating that. As for broccoli and carrots she will put it on her tongue for a quick "taste" but then just as quickly she throws it back on her plate. So what is a mommy to do? I hide them! The latest mode of hiding has taken the form of a fruit smoothie (or chocolate if I am in need of some serious cocoa). I found a great site with some great recipes I thought I'd share for those looking to make a smoothie. Check out for a variety of recipes. Our two favorites are the Berry, Berry Good Smoothie and the Power Protein Smoothie (actually it is a peanut butter, banana, chocolate smoothie - I love the name, it sounds so healthy!).

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