Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family Face Painting

Our summer has been full of various activities, including picnics and festivals. One of the most popular things to do at these fun events that our girls just love is face painting. Tonight we decided that grilling out at home with friends was a perfect excuse to try some homemade face painting. I pulled out the WASHABLE Crayola paints, brushes and spread newspaper over the kitchen floor and let the fun begin. Rian loves to have butterflies painted on her and she does a great job sitting still. Kami did a great job painting balloons on her daddy's face! After Rian was done getting painted on she wanted to try painting on someone. I was her first victim! After wiping globs of paint off my eye lashes, Kami declared that Rian had painted fireworks on my left cheek. Daddy also got some "fireworks" painted on his cheek. Both girls became adorable kittens (or lions) after a few whiskers were added to their cheeks. We had a lot of fun doing this as a family and it washed off easily in the tub!

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Mari said...

So cute! I think I will have Rian do my make-up for work. That would definitely make my boss give me a better review! BTW I think Rian smiles like Cara did at that age!