Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter in Michigan

As most of you know the entire USA is experiencing a chilly blast of cold air, Michigan included! We decided to enjoy one of these cold days and head to the sledding hills. Even little Drew had a chance to sled down two of the hills with his daddy (if you look closely you can see Gary holding Drew as they whiz past the girls on the sled). It was the perfect day for sledding since the sun was out the wind was not blowing (hence no sub zero wind chill!) and fresh snow had fallen to give the hills some new natural grooming. Here are some pics of our little outing. Oh by the way we are sledding on the hills at the Walker Charter Academy School (also where we go to church on Sunday!).


Debbie said...

I've been wanting to try that hill. Let us know next time, so we can join you.

MariO said...

SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos! This makes me remember our childhood and going sledding in the backyard and at Branstrom. I remember those days when cold and snow never seemed to phase me!