Thursday, April 1, 2010

Green Grass

This wonderful weather has really been enjoyable! Rian, Drew and I sat in the grass this afternoon waiting for Kami to get off the bus. This was Drew's first time sitting in the grass and he was a little apprehensive about it refusing to touch it. He did however accept a single blade of grass from his big sis Rian which he, like most babies, shoved it in his mouth before I could grab it from him. After a short battle trying to pry his lips open I realized the little guy swallowed it - oh well! Just then Kami got off the bus and Rian greeted her shouting "Kami guess what? Drew just ate his first piece of grass!" A look of great concern spread across Kami's face as she asked "Mom will he get a grass stain in his stomach?" :)

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