Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grow Garden Grow Tile Mural

Artist, Cara O'Brien
July 20 was an extremely FUN and busy day here at the Evans' house! Not only did Kami turn 6 but we hosted a tile mural party here at the house with Cara for the DeVos Children's Hospital art project she is working on. The weather was wonderful and the kids were a blast! When the tile party was done we tallied up the number of kids who helped stamp tiles - 57 kids in total! Cara, the tile mural artist thought all the kids did a great job following directions and showing off their creativity at each of the art stations. Kids were able to make a book mark which was used to stamp designs into the wet clay tile as well as stamp other interesting objects to make their tile unique. After they were done with the clay tile the kids could make a paper casting which will also be part of the art at the DeVos Children's Hospital. Enjoy the pictures!


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