Monday, October 4, 2010

The BIG 4 !

I'm a few days late but like the saying goes "better late than never", right? So on September 30 Rian turned 4! She was so excited and is very glad to now be 4! She feels like such a big girl. The day began with breakfast at Sandy's doughnuts shop on Leonard (best ever!) and then home to get ready for some special visitors, Maima (Dianne O'Brien) and Papa (Tom O'Brien). After opening some presents before the grandparents left for a trip to NY City, the kids played with the presents together. Later that evening we had a nice family dinner followed by more presents then some pink frosted cupcakes to finish off the day. Rian's big party was this past Sunday evening with the rest of the family (thanks to all who came). We are blessed beyond measurement to have such a wonderful daughter like Rian. She is a true treasure with the funniest sense of humor and wildest imagination. I just love this kiddo! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

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MariO said...

She is starting to look so grown UP!!!!