Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mom & Me Camp 2011

The girls and I just returned from a great weekend at Camp Newaygo where we participated in the Mommy & Me weekend camp program. My cousin Meg O'Brien and her daughter Claire joined us for the second year. Meg and Claire drove to Grand Rapids on Friday to spend the night and then on Saturday morning we packed up and headed to camp! The "excitement meter" was OFF THE CHARTS and the girls were ready to get to camp. Our weekend was packed with so many activities - tye dying, rock climbing, archery, swimming, water wonder (study of the lake), canoe trip, GaGa Court (hand ball type of game), shelter building, scavenger hunt, bonfire, cookout, hiking, nature trail exploration, zoo school, fencing, singing camp songs...WOW I think I covered most of the activities but I'm sure there were more that I left out. Anyway I think you get the picture and can see that we were busy and having a ton of fun! Here are some pictures and short videos highlighting our experiences:

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