Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Improve Your Child's Fine Motor Skills With This Fun Game

Improve Your Child's Fine Motor Skills With This Simple Game

A lot is happening in those little growing bodies! For most 3-5 year old children their growth spurts happen rapidly and can create some frustrations when it comes to fine motor skills. Developing hand eye coordination through simple yet fun games is a way to help them as they grow. 

I've created a handmade game perfect for helping hone those fine motor skills! Oh, and did I mention you can use this game to help them with color recognition skills at the same time! 

This brightly colored felt fishing game comes with four felt fish in different colors. Each fish has one soft velcro "eye" instead of the traditional magnet eye most games have. The wooden fishing pole has a short leather line with a felt hook that has the rough side of the velcro. Since velcro sticks to felt (and the soft velcro eye) your child can use the fishing pole and hook to catch as many felt fish as they desire. 

When we play this game at home I like to call out a color and see if my little one can catch that color fish first. It is a great way to occupy your child while helping them as they grow!

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