Monday, July 14, 2008

Emma's Visit

The girls and I enjoyed a few vacation days with a visit to Fremont Lake. Fred, Sue, Jamie and Emma were visiting Michigan and happened to be in Fremont for a few days along with Jim and Sandy. The girls were super excited to play with Emma and had been counting off the days to the anticipated trip. With the unpredictable Michigan weather (chance of rain always part of the daily forecast) grandmas, maimas and moms were well prepared for indoor and outdoor activities to keep the kiddos busy and happy! The Evans girls packed all of their dress-ups knowing their little cousin from the south was an experienced princess and enjoyed frilly, twirly and sparkly outfits and accessories. Speaking of accessories, the little princesses spent time designing and crafting their very own beaded jewelry. Their creativity and great ideas never cease to amaze me!

The girls all helped grandma and maima make cupcakes. The cupcakes were chocolate with a cream cheese & chocolate chip topping - Yummy! Recipe to follow (thanks maima).

After a busy day dressing up, baking and making jewelry the girls were ready for a swim in the lake. Kami and Emma enjoyed kayaking through the Sue & Jim bridge while Pa (aka "Fred") splashed the girls. Squeals, giggles and screams could be heard all the way up to the house!

Before sending the overly tired girls off to bed we all enjoyed some time roasting marshmallows, eating s'mores and watching the bonfire. We all had a fantastic time and will enjoy remembering the memories made over these past few days for years to come.

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