Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pottery Studio Visit

A visit to the pottery studios is always a big treat. The gang (Evans girls, Tennessee gang and maima) recently traveled to Whitehall to enjoy some time with Cara and Chester at the pottery studios. Cara's studio, recently operational, gave us all an opportunity to catch up on the many projects she is working on which include: bone beads (made from clay), ornaments, sculpture projects, drawings, cute little clay animal designs (my favorite is the giraffe) along with many other projects. While the adults browsed the ornament selections the little girls made themselves at home perched upon stools in the drawing loft coloring and sketching whatever their imaginations could create.

Rian quickly tiring of the drawing, concentrated on emptying/refilling the contents of the glazed ceramic urns at the entrance of the studio. She spent her time lining up the small stone-like treasures taken from the urns along the door threshold and then with just as much excitement put them back into the urns.

After a picnic on the porch of the pottery studio where Chester works, the girls enjoyed time playing with some unique instruments made from clay. Then it was back to the porch for lessons from Cara on how to mold raw claw into various "creations". The girls poked, cut, rolled and pressed their little hearts out! The result was a beautiful assortment of clay caterpillars, worms, balls and abstract sculptures.

Everyone had a fantastic time! If you could measure the amount of fun the girls had by how quickly they fall asleep in the car (due to exhaustion) this was definately a 10!! Thanks Chester & Cara.

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