Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ballet Lessons

Today was Kami and her good friend Reese's first ballet lesson. The lessons are held on Tuesday mornings from 11-11:30 at the Grand Rapids School of Ballet located at 341 Ellsworth, Grand Rapids MI 49503. Miss Jennifer is the instructor of the 12 little ballerinas. Here are some photos and video clips for you to enjoy. I'll try to point out which one is Kami. Kami's good friend Reese is also in the pics and videos since they are taking the class together.

Kami is the second ballerina from the left. Reese is the ballerina between the girl in black and the other girl in dark pink. Here they are doing some barr work (waving at themselves at the big mirror across the room). There is no sound since I shot this through the glass door/windows in the hallway.

This video shows up as a black screen - just press play and the video will begin. Kami and Reese are next to each other (to the left of the girl in dark pink). The group is learning the "first position" with their feet - heels together with toes separated to form a "v" shape.

The class allows for family/visitors to watch the girls during class on the 3rd (Oct 7) and 6th (Oct 28) class. Please feel free to come watch our little ballerina learn ballet.

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