Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Look Who Turned 2 !!

Rian had been looking forward to her birthday for quite some time. She kept telling everyone "my birthday coming up". We had two parties for her, one with the Evans side and the other with the O'Brien side. For the Evans' side party Rian had picked out a Cinderella & Prince cake. She enjoyed the presents and I can honestly say she has worn her new fairy costume every day since her birthday!

Her party with the O'Brien side of the family was the day after her actual birthday. Kami and I decorated a ton of cupcakes with fancy flowers just for little sis. Again Rian loved her presents and has been sporting her new duds and playing with her new toys daily! Thanks to all who helped us celebrate!!

making cupcakes


Treats for the party

Birthday Fairy w/ Boots

Cara helping with presents

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