Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prima Ballerina

Tuesday was Kami's last ballet class. All of her adoring fans were allowed to come and watch her display her newly learned skills and talents (and a new fluffy pink/white tutu). The other cute ballerina with a puffy tutu is Kami's friend Reese. Both girls did such a great job following their teacher's instructions! I am amazed at how much of an improvement the kids in the class showed since their first class! Enjoy these short clips:

the girls are showing how to stand in second position and then leap (not sure the technical term for their fancy move). What poise and grace :)

The ribbon dance with a special wave to her fans.

Kami's solo performance


Cara said...

what a talent!

MariO said...

That is so precious! I'm so glad I went to see her!