Wednesday, November 19, 2008

** BABY **

Well the news is out - we are having a baby! (read the fortune above to see the due date). We finally told everyone in our immediate families and now we are sharing this great news with friends and extended relatives. Kami & Rian are very excited about becoming big sisters (again). Rian even thinks she has a baby in her tummy - it is kind of cute watching her stick out her belly, pat her tummy and talk to her "baby". Kami is working hard trying to come up with some good names. So far her ideas are fairly similar to names she calls her dolls and barbies...hhhmmmm (I promise no babies will be named Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora or Prince if a boy). I'm thankful to be out of the first trimester and well into the second (I'm just about 16 weeks along) one. The nausea has become much more tolerable and I'm getting a little more energy back - just in time for cold weather and snow! I'll try to keep you all posted on the progress of Baby#3 but I promise to not make this entire blog about this one topic.

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Debbie said...

Great birth announcement. I'm glad you are feeling better.