Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's My Name ?

Hello all - I'd like to introduce my latest little creation but I'm not quite sure what his/her name is. Right now we (the girls and I) call this softie "white bunny with green ears". This just doesn't have the right ring to it and to be honest it is quite a mouthful for a name. So does anyone have any great bunny names I could use? I've asked the girls but unfortunately their ideas are a bit over used in our house - Cinderella, Belle, Giselle, Prince Eric.... you get the picture! Thanks for your help!


Debbie said...

Your bunny is so sweet! MacKenzie's special stuffed animal when she was little was a bunny she named MunnyBunny. Probably not a good choice if you are trying to sell those bunnies, but a fun memory for me anyway.

I'm looking for a fun craft idea for my kids to make for their Grandparents for Christmas. Any ideas?

Debbie said...

How about Cotton Ball?It is very cute and looks cudly.From MacKenzie Knoll.

Cara said...

Chester wants to call him "larry", I think Pocket Bunny, would be cute, or how about Puff Bunny.