Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crafty Crew

I recently saw pictures in a magazine of some super cute cards that could be used either for Valentine's Day or for Spring and I thought "I can do that". So the girls and I gave it a try and here are pictures of the process:

large cup cake wrappers, small cup cake holders, green construction paper cut into strips for stems and leaves, glue, markers or washable paint.

Also you will need two sheets of coordinating paper to make the card - fold one piece in half and cut the second sheet in half and glue it to the front of the first folded piece. (below you can see the dark pink on top of the light pink card)

1)After cutting out the stems and leaves glue them to the card.

2) color or paint your cup cake liners as Rian has done here. Then glue the large one on top of the stem and the small liner on top of this to make the center of the flower.

All Done!


Cara said...

they are truly a crafty pair!

carriekuipers said...

really cute!