Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sleepy Head

Over the last week Drew has really started getting around. He started off with crawling and ended the week pulling up to a standing position, oh and he also cut two teeth! Sometimes he accidentally finds himself sitting if he can't quite pull himself up to a full standing position. So today, after I put him down for his afternoon nap I peeked into the room to find him quietly sitting in his crib holding his duck head/blanky. Then I noticed the poor little guy was swaying a little and every so often his head would bob - He had fallen asleep sitting up! He has figured out how to sit but he hasn't figured out how to lay down again, maybe this is what he will learn next week. Here is a short clip of him head bobbing and one of him after I woke him with my laughter! (don't be fooled here - he is ASLEEP!)

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