Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mari's Visit

This past week we were excited to have Mari visit for a few days! Unfortunately Mike is in New York working and was unable to join Mari and the rest of us but we certainly did think about him often. Sunday, after Drew's nap we packed up the car and headed to Craig's Cruisers for an afternoon of mini golf, bumper boats and a frog hopping ride. The greens were well kept and perfect for our crew who couldn't resist dropping their ball into certain holes that would then shoot the ball out onto another adjacent green over and over and over and over..... again! The bumper boats not only collided with each other but they had a great squirt gun attached to the top that the girls got to shoot at the opposing bumper boat. The day ended with the girls riding on the 25 foot hydraulic frog hopper ride. The ride bounced them up to the top (25 feet up) and then "hopped" up and down several times until finally coming back to rest at ground level. I'm not sure what they enjoyed more from the frog hopper - kicking off their flip flops at us or the actual ride. Either way they both loved it!

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MariO said...

Oh wow, Aunt Mari looks like a gigantic dork! Why didn't you tell me when we left the house??