Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Hair Day

Lately our electric bill has been on the high side (mostly due to the air conditioner being used non-stop) as well as lights left on in various rooms throughout the house. Gary and I decided to get the kids involved with helping us save money and electricity by encouraging them to turn lights off. The girls were given a "chart" to check off little boxes each time they turned off a light in the house. After checking 5 boxes they could select a piece of candy from the treat jar. We didn't put any restrictions as to the time of day or type of treat they could select hoping that keeping it simple would keep them interested (nothing like a gummy bear appetizer before breakfast eh!) After they completed their chart we promised that they could pick out a toy or game from the store as a big "thank-you" for helping us reduce our electricity usage and bill. The girls did a great job! A week ago they both finished their charts and decided that the toy they both wanted was a little electric hamster (like a zhu zhu pet). A few hours after playing non stop with them Kami came running into the kitchen with a big problem - the little hamster was crawling towards her and ended up getting tangled in her hair! Enjoy the picture! After completely dismembering the hamster's motor/wheels/ect. the little guy survived and is hair free! Kami however has a small section of newly cut short bangs to help her remember this little event!

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molly said...

you are so creative! Good Job!